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Seminar on Machine Learning in Health



Dr. Maria Kalweit
Prof. Dr. Joschka Boedecker


Dr. Gabriel Kalweit, Mehdi Naouar, Yannick Vogt, Lisa Graf


Machine Learning, with its advanced algorithms and predictive modeling, has revolutionized numerous sectors, including healthcare. This seminar seeks to provide a focused examination of specific medical use cases. Participants will be invited to critically assess the inherent challenges associated with medical data, which often include limited sample sizes, noise, missing values and potential biases, and will explore state-of-the-art Machine Learning methods which can help to address these very challenges.

The format is the following:

Introductory lecture: We will discuss general aspects of scientific presentations in the beginning and define the format of the seminar.

Phase I:  Each participant will become an expert in one methodological core area by reading one or multiple research papers, which we will assign after the students express their interest. Then, the students will form teams in the respective core areas and discuss advantages and disadvantages of their papers together.

Phase II: The students will again form groups to discuss specific medical use cases in light of the methodological core areas. Each group in Phase II will consist of one expert from each core area.

At the end of the semester, there will be a (potentially open-door) mini-symposium, in which the students will present their findings in both a prepared talk and a poster session.

Course information

Course number: 11LE13S-7341-M
Places: 12

NEXUS Lab on the ground floor of the new IMBIT building (Georges-Köhler-Allee 201).

The meetings are in person.
Course Schedule:

Introduction:  Thursday, October 19th, 2023, 9:30 - 10:30

Block Seminar: Friday, February 16th, 2024, 9:00 s.t. - 18:00 s.t.
Requirements: Prior knowledge in Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
Selection Procedure: Please register via HISInOne. Candidates are prioritised if they either are present at the introduction event or write a short motivational mail to Dr. Maria Kalweit until Sunday, October 22th 23:59am. The subject line should include [ML in Health]. After you have been confirmed, you will then bid on a topic as discussed in the introduction event.
Resources: Poster guideline as pptx or pdf



Date Done Comment
Announcement paper list: Monday, October 23th Topics are listed below
Paper Voting Deadline : Tuesday, October 31th Assignments were announced via email!
First Meeting with Supervisors: Friday, December 1st Please send a pdf of the poster draft via email until Thursday, November 30. We will meet in IMBIT, room 42 (1st floor behind the kitchen).
Poster Deadline: Friday, December 15th
Second Meeting with Supervisors: Friday, February 2nd
Slides Deadline: Friday, February 9th
Block Seminar [Format: Symposium]: Friday, February 16th


All deadlines are due at 11:59 PM GMT+2 (These are hard deadlines!).


1st Meeting with Supervisors

 We will meet in IMBIT, room 42 (1st floor behind the kitchen) to discuss your poster drafts and general questions.

Category A:  Interpretability     9:15   -  10:15
Category B:  Efficiency           10:15  -  11:15
Category C:  Accessible AI    12:30  -  13:30
Category D:  Trustworthy AI   13:30  -  14:30


The final grade will be based on the poster presentation and oral presentation on Feburary 16. The two meetings with the supervisors will not be graded - in these meetings you get feedback from us which you can use to improve the final submissions. More details will be announced. Please make sure that you attend all meetings on-site, since this is mandatory to pass the seminar.


Once the posters are created, we will work on specific medical use cases. Then, you will work in a team with experts of the different core areas (category A-D) to create an oral presentation with slides (we will have 3 oral presentations).


The poster assignment was announced via email. Everyone creates his or her own poster about his or her assigned paper, which he or she will then present at the mini-symposium in the poster session (we will have 12 posters in total). In your core area group (category A - D), we will shortly go over the corresponding topic and talk about all posters on December 1, so that all of you get an overview over the core area and to get feedback on your paper from the supervisors and the other students.


If you got accepted to the seminar, please send your priorities in an email to Maria Kalweit. The email should have the following form:

Subject line: [ML in Health – Paper Voting]


[Your Priority list]

The list should have decreasing order (highest priority at the top, lowest at the bottom). Please list all papers (12 entries, one line per paper ID). For example:


Please send the email until Tuesday, October 11:59PM the latest. Any emails received after this deadline cannot be considered in the voting process. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences and ensure that you are assigned papers that align with your interests.


Category A: Interpretability

Category B: Efficiency


Category C: Accessible AI


Category D: Trustworthy AI