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Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (Lecture)

Jointly organized with Bernhard Nebel, Wolfram Burgard, and Frank Hutter

Lectures: pre-recorded, please make sure to watch them during the week before the Q&A; Q&A: Friday 10:00 - 12:00; Online, for details see ILIAS page.


Foundations of Reinforcement Learning (Proseminar)

Presentation and discussion of the foundational chapters from the book "Reinforcement Learning - An Introduction", second edition, by Richard S. Sutton and Andrew. G. Barto. In addition, we will introduce general aspects of scientific presentations and academic honesty. More details here.


Model Predictive Control and Reinforcement Learning (Lecture)

Jointly organized with Moritz Diehl

Block course, please see page linked from the title for details.