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Farhad Safaei

External PhD Student (DB Netz AG)






  • Safaei F , Suratgar AA, Afshar A, Mirsalim M. Characteristics optimization of the maglev train hybrid suspension system using genetic algorithm. IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion. 2015 Jan 21;30(3):1163-70.



  • Niazazari I, Abyaneh HA, Farah MJ, Safaei F , Nafisi H. Voltage profile and power factor improvement in PHEV charging station using a probabilistic model and flywheel. In 2014 19th Conference on Electrical Power Distribution Networks (EPDC) 2014 May 6 (pp. 100-105). IEEE.
  • Bigharaz MH, Afshar A, Suratgar A, Safaei F. Simultaneous optimization of energy consumption and train performance in electric railway systems. IFAC Proceedings Volumes. 2014 Jan1;47(3):6270-5.



  • Bigharaz MH, Safaei F , Afshar A, Suratgar AA. Identification and nonlinear control of a ball-plate system using neural networks. InThe 3rd International Conference on Control, Instrumentation, and Automation 2013 Dec 28 (pp. 260-262). IEEE.