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Foundations of Reinforcement Learning (Proseminar)


Prof. Dr. Joschka Boedecker


In this proseminar, we will present and discuss selected foundational chapters from the book "Reinforcement Learning - An Introduction", second edition, by Richard S. Sutton and Andrew. G. Barto. In addition, we will introduce general aspects of scientific presentations and academic honesty. More details will follow soon.

Course Information

Course number: 11LE13S-510-27
Places: 8
Zoom session details for first meeting:

Meeting ID: 672 3203 1782
Passcode: gdyuVx9Gc

Course Schedule:
Introduction23/04/2021 @ 13:00 (this week only, after that: regular slot Fridays @ 14:00)
Topic selection, advice on presentations: 07/05/2021 @ 14:00
Requirements: Basic knowledge of Algorithms & Data Structures, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory and Calculus. No prior machine learning knowledge necessary.
Due to the ongoing pandemic, the seminar will be held online.