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Student Projects & Theses


Autoinflammatory Disease Treatment Recommendation

Description In cooperation with the foundation Rhumatismes-Enfants-Suisse, we develop algorithms for autoinflammatory disease treatment recommendation. The project mainly focuses on unsupervised deep learning, and depending on the progress, on basic deep reinforcement learning (more details).

Contact Maria Hügle

Status full

High-Level Decision Making in Autonomous Driving

Description We develop deep reinforcement learning algorithms for autonomous lane changes using the open-source traffic simulator SUMO. We focus on various aspects, for example on mixed action spaces, constraints and including predictions of traffic participants.

Contact Gabriel Kalweit and Maria Hügle

Status full

Machine Learning for Disease Progression Prediction in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Description In cooperation with the University Hospital in Lausanne, we develop algorithms to predict the disease progression in arthritis based on the Swiss Quality Management (SCQM) database, including lab values, medication, clinical data and patient reported outcomes.

Contact Maria Hügle

Status full


Unsupervised Skill Learning from Video

Description In his thesis, Markus Merklinger introduces a model to leverage information from multiple label-free demonstrations in order to yield a meaningful embedding for unseen tasks. A distance measure in the learned embedding space can then be used as a reward function within a reinforcement learning system.

Contact Oier Mees and Gabriel Kalweit

Unsupervised Learning for Early Seizure Detection

Description In cooperation with the Epilepsy Center in Freiburg, we develop unsupervised learning algorithms to detect epileptic seizures based on intracranial EEG (EcoG) data.

Contact Maria Hügle